Concrete Countertops

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials for countertops. Highly unique and customizable, many designers today are turning to concrete to create distinctive surfaces that are durable while maintaining a natural look and soft texture. Concrete Concepts makes beautiful counters for anything and everything including kitchens, bars, sinks, bathroom vanities and fireplace mantles.

Stains in all colors and finishes, stamped designs and patterns, fiber optic lighting, sparkling glass chips and aggregates may also be added to concrete to create a beautiful look. An added bonus is that concrete is recyclable and therefor eco-friendly. Properly sealed and maintained countertops will last for years and can be used indoors and outdoors to make a statement. To learn more about our decorative options, please visit our page on Decorative Concrete.




Initial Consult

Getting your custom concrete countertop is very easy. Our process typically starts with an initial consultation, where we will measure the area you would like your countertop to go on. We then go to our workshop and create the most important part of the countertop: the mold. We pay extreme attention to details to make sure the mold has the correct size, shape, depth and edges you want.


We then add decorative inserts like aggregates, reinforce the mold with rebar and wire mesh, and pour the concrete mix. After a couple days of drying, we polish the concrete and fill in any holes or chips. We then add any stains you have chosen, and seal and wax the concrete so it will last for years to come. Finally, we bring your beautiful new countertops back to your home for installation where you can enjoy them for years to come.


The Finished Product

Your final concrete product will enhance your home or business and last for years to come. Concrete has a unique and distinct look that is individual to each and every different countertop. By simply using our selection of concrete stains and stamps, you can recreate a variety of styles from rustic, industrial and even modern in your home. Here at Concrete Concepts we are proud of our custom products and we know you will be too

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