Decorative Concrete

Concrete can be stained and stamped in many different ways, making design options limitless. Whether you want to add sparkling glass chips to your patio or you want to make colorful marbled stepping-stones to your garden, the color and design options of concrete are seemingly endless. Concrete is highly adaptable and it can add a whole new design element to your patios, walkways, entryways and epoxy flooring with stains, stamps and more.

Popular concrete uses include patios, walkways, entryways and epoxy flooring. All of these will make a statement with the highly individualized process that occurs while pouring cement. No two projects look the same, and each one is more stunning and irreplaceable than the last.





The staining options for concrete are limitless. That’s why many designers today are turning to concrete to add a unique and affordable look to patios, walkways, entryways and flooring. It can be stained to be all one color, stained in a beautiful pattern or stained and stamped to look like marble, wood, granite, rock, stone, tile, brick, wood or whatever else you might think of.


In recent years, stamping has truly evolved as an affordable and time-efficient way to achieve popular looks for patios, walkways, entryways and flooring. With stamping and staining, you can make any concrete look as if it is brick, stone, granite, tile or wood with minimal installation time.



Many customers want to add an even more unique touch to their concrete. To accommodate this, aggregates, glass chips, shells and anything you can imagine can be added to concrete to truly make it look customized. With concrete mix-ins you can make a rustic, beachy or modernized look for your business or home.

The Finished Product

Your final concrete product will enhance your home or business and last for years to come. Concrete has a unique and distinct look that is individual to each and every different cproject. By simply using our selection of concrete stains and stamps, you can recreate a variety of styles from rustic, industrial and even modern in your home. Here at Concrete Concepts we are proud of our custom products and we know you will be too.

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